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Health and Wellness Center

Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness Offers…

Holistic nutrition and transformational life coaching, functional diagnostic lab screenings, fitness makeovers and “customized-health” cooking classes. Services are always tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether your goal is better digestion, elimination of cravings or fatigue, fat loss and or muscle gain, brushing up on some cooking techniques, stress reduction, or a bit of everything, Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness will help you create a climate where positive changes can occur.

Cat Dillon’s Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness offers a lifestyle and nutrition program offering clients BETTER health through the D.R.E.S.S. for Success Program. Diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation are covered, empowering you to be your own self-care advocate and create lifestyle changes that LAST!

Caterpillar Nutrition and Wellness is Based on 3 Steps:

  • “Consuming the Right Foods” Learn the foundation of nutrition for your metabolic type and how to build a solid, real-life meal plan that works for your body.
  • “Connecting with Your Body and Mind”  Master how to listen to your body, so you really know what you need at any given moment. Laser in on the underlying beliefs that stop you from healing, so you can finally allow for habit change and deep transformation to occur.
  • “Identifying Your Hidden Stressors”  Use functional lab testing to uncover the hidden obstacles to your health and build long-term wellness from the ground up.

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Located in coastal San Diego, Cat Dillon offers her services in person, by telephone or SKYPE all throughout the US and Canada.

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“Do you know what is wrong with me?

You have malfunctions and imbalances in your body that are likely at the root of your health complaints.

These malfunctions can be identified using a variety of modalities including functional lab work.

Most clients have no idea what is causing their health complaints. They have been experiencing their symptoms for years and because other providers can’t find the cause or don’t bother to even look for it, they just accept the symptoms as “normal” and live with them.

These issues can progress into debilitating disease if left uncorrected.

I use functional diagnostic lab tests to identify the underlying imbalances and root causes of disease rather than only treating symptoms. I also utilize the principles of metabolic typing that identifies the kinds of foods, along with the balances of nutrients and protein/fat/carbohydrate ratios that are right for your optimal health.

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“Can you help me?

As long as you are committed to restoring health as I am. Once your body experiences what it’s like to consume the right foods for your metabolic system, in the correct proportion of macronutrients, things begin to move in the right direction.

Additionally, FDN protocols are based on healing opportunities, not just treating symptoms. It takes time to rebuild, repair or restore normal function to your cells, organs or systems. Balancing body chemistry, detoxification, improving digestion and assimilation and immune boosting each come with challenges that require persistence and possible course corrections. Restoring hormone balance may happen soon in some people and take more time in others due to how we each respond to our own chronic stress factors. Ultimately, this natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes.

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“Have you helped others like me?

Metabolic Typing and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition together have helped thousands of people reach their best level of health in many years.

Many clients have completely resolved their health conditions even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions.

Since 1987, Healthexcel has been at the forefront of Metabolic Typing® research, development, application and training for health professionals around the world. Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisors have been trained in over 50 countries and counting.

In addition, there are over 500 FDN health detectives in 30 countries helping thousands and thousands of people.

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